Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekly Reading 7/24/17 - 7/28/17

Though unfortunately late, I am excited to say this week's reading was worth waiting for. I have a new deck! Its original arrival date would have been right on time for the weekly reading, but due to a mishap courtesy of our local postal service, it was a day late. (And thus, so am I.)

So what's this exciting new deck? None other than the Tarot of Pagan Cats, published by Lo Scarabeo. I am quite the cat lady, and I'm excited to combine my passion for our all-knowing feline friends with a little tarot wisdom. Tarot wisdom, I might add, which is being shared for the first time here!

With no further ado, the inaugural Pagan Cats reading for this week:
Tarot of Pagan Cats by Lola Airaghi & Magdelina Messina

Monday: The Hanged Man (Reversed) - Sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do about the situation you're in. Stop fighting it! Save your resources for other battles.

Tuesday: 7 of Cups - Dreams are wonderful to have... unless you have too many! You're overloaded in options and can't make a choice. Narrow your options down to what means the most to you and go from there.

Wednesday: 6 of Wands - Look at you! Everyone recognizes the hard work you put into achieving your goals. Enjoy the attention and give yourself a pat on the back.

Thursday: Knight of Swords - Now is the time to act decisively. You've narrowed your goals, set your sight on your target, and you've got the support to achieve great things. Go for it!

Friday: 7 of Wands - There's always a few naysayers and of course as you move toward your goal, they want to bring you back down. Don't bother getting defensive. You know what you can do when you put your mind to it, so save your strength and carry on.

Great things are in the making this week. Wands indicate this week will be one full of fire and creativity. Time to bring ideas into reality.

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