Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August Challenge: Do This, Not This (Day 9)

Today's challenge is a relatively simple two card that succinctly answers the question of what I should and should not do today! If I had woken myself up early enough to complete the challenge in the morning, that probably would have been best, but hey, it's practice. Let's see how I did today.

Do this: Page of Cups - Today I should be an attentive and accommodating listener.

Not this: 5 of Swords - Don't let myself feel defeated or frustrated with situations today.

Obviously, this spread is much easier to solve in retrospect rather than projecting forward, but today was a tough one to follow that advice! Every last one of my plans fell apart, but I am glad that I just so happened to follow the advice of the Page of Cups. Ultimately, not giving up and letting frustration take over allowed me to salvage the day (and actually manage to be productive)!

I really enjoyed this spread... possibly because a three card version is one of the many spreads in my arsenal! Typically, I do this spread to determine the action to take in a specific situation rather than daily advice. If you're interested in a reading that can help you determine the direction to take in a sticky situation, check out my shop and grab a three card reading. Now through September 8, all of my readings are 15% off!


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