Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August Challenge: Energy + Message (Day 29)

I can't believe there's only two more days left in the challenge! I'm proud of myself for sticking with this for so long. Today's challenge was a two card spread -- energy and a message.

Energy: Two of Wands - A card of planning and preparing for creative endeavors, the two of wands embodies an energy of potential. However it can also be a card of being stuck between past and future. The energy is of potential not yet realized.

Message: Three of Pentacles - The three of pentacles is a card of mastery and skill recognized. With continued hard work, you can become an expert in your trade and a person others turn to when in need of your skill.

I feel that the energy and message for me in this draw was that I have a lot of potential, potential that is recognized by those that I work with, but if I put forth the effort, I will be also recognized for my skill and dedication to my craft. I have a tendency to always want to learn some new thing and once I learn it (usually quickly), I become bored with it and want to move on to something else before I've truly allowed myself to demonstrate mastery of the skill. Once the challenge is over, what's the point right? That would just be too easy.

I believe I need to continue demonstrating even my most basic skill sets in order to gain the recognition as a master that I'd like to see.


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