Friday, August 18, 2017

August Challenge: A Message from Spirit (Day 18)

For today's challenge, a card was pulled from the majors only to represent a message from spirit. You'll see I have a repeat visitor who showed up earlier in the challenge as a messenger. Clearly, the universe has something it wants me to know.

And I think I know what it is.

The bards climbed Cadair Idris to reach creative enlightenment, and they returned from its peaks either mad or genius. Well, I'm already quite mad, so I suppose genius is my only option? I kid, I kid.

Do you know who else climbed mountains, and boxed, and went on safaris, and just experienced the world in general? Ernest Hemingway. And what did he do? He wrote about his experiences.

To have anything at all worth writing about, you have to have experiences, encounters with the world, with which you can blend your meaningful world view to produce a piece that helps others experience the world the way you do. However, you have to somehow encounter the world to this. I believe my message is to get out there among the people to learn new perspectives, shape my perspective, and then commit words to sharing my ideas with others.

In particular, I feel that I should be more candid in sharing what brought me to tarot, why I do it, and how it can be a beneficial tool for coping with and processing difficult situations. I'm immensely grateful that this challenge has afforded me to work more closely with my cards to reach new depths, and I'm ecstatic to continue sharing them.


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