Thursday, August 10, 2017

August Challenge: Messenger and Message (Day 10)

It's been the worst day since yesterday. Anything and everything that could go wrong did, but despite letting myself vegetate most of the evening, I couldn't skip my daily challenge. In fact, I needed it. I find it cathartic to spend time ruminating over the cards.

Today's challenge is a two card pull, the first from the Major Arcana and court cards and the second from the minor arcana (ace to 10). The first card represents the messenger and the second the message.

Literally a message from the universe...

Messenger: The Universe - As you know, I'm using my wonderfully Welsh Llewellyn deck for this challenge. Typically the 21st card is The World, but in this deck it's The Universe and is represented by Cadair Idris. Cadair Idris is a mountain often ascended by bards who would either return mad or enlightened, but really what's the difference? With this card's placement, I take this to be a message not just from my higher self, but also my inner muse.

Message: 10 of Wands - The man depicted on the card is overburdened, yet he climbs upward toward his goal. He carries much on his back, but the very thing that burdens him also provides his support. It feels like I have a lot on my back at the moment, but it's a burden I can carry if I just persist.

Ultimately, I feel like today's draw is telling me not to let myself become overwhelmed. I need to continue toward completing my goals in order to make room for the many things I have planned. Take one step at a time! With the bard references in The Universe, I feel like it's also suggesting I take steps toward finding creative outlets in writing, something I've long since abandoned.

A few years ago I was told, "To not use the gifts you're given is an insult to God." I hear those words in my head every time I catch myself ignoring a gift. Ironically enough, I received this advice from a tarot reader who encouraged me to begin writing again. What a small universe.


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