Monday, August 14, 2017

August Challenge: Motivation Check-In (Day 14)

To check in on motivation, I did a single card pull from just the wands. And my motivation level is...

BEAST MODE! Look at me, carrying all those sticks. Is that a stick you have there? I will add it to my pack, and I will carry it up all the steps. Yup. ALL.OF.THE.STEPS.

But, I'm also kind of old, and going kind of slow, because I know I need to take my time if I don't want to drop anything, and I want all my sticks to make it to their destination where they will probably be set on fire because that's what you do with sticks. Don't believe me? Ask the Ace of Wands...

Y'all have a good night. I'm obviously quite tired from carrying literally all of the sticks. It has been a fabulous weekend of meeting like minded people and started another week of work! Adieu until tomorrow's challenge.


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