Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Challenge: A Theme for August (Day One)

Who doesn't love a good challenge?! I'm a firm believer in the daily draw, but as is often the case with these sorts of things, you get off track from time to time. When I first started doing daily draws, it was always with deck in one hand, journal in the other. It was a tool to get more in touch with myself, and it worked. It worked so well that I no longer feel like it's the only way to start my day positively.

But that's not how life works. You don't just do something that works for a little while, and then quit once it starts working. So here I am, challenging myself to keep up my forward progress by participating in Tarot Nerd's August Challenge--a challenge to draw a card(s) daily and do a quick, insightful reading for yourself.

Day One asks that one card from the major arcana is drawn to represent the theme for the month of August. For this task, I felt not only should I not use reversals, but I should also draw from my less frequently used deck--the Llewellyn Tarot. The Llewellyn is my first "true" tarot deck, and one I connect deeply with. I mostly use it for personal readings, and very rarely for others.

None other than the Hermit appeared for my draw today. Insert here all the traditional stuff about withdrawing from the world to gain knowledge... what stuck out to me in my draw today was something I had never noticed before: Myrddin is holding a stang.

Before today, I didn't know what a stang was. In fact, I learned this by reading a blog discussing traditional Lammas/Lughnasadh activities, one of which was crafting a stang. Obviously, being that I have just learned about this today, I can't really give you a lot of information about stangs. Essentially they are forked staves crafted by druids and other spirit workers. They were supposedly a representation of the Horned One and a conduit of power. That's literally the limit of what I know.

But it's more than what I knew yesterday.

I've written on the Hermit before. Discussed the importance of withdrawing from society, guided by your own light, to find your own inner truth. But today he appeared again and with something new for me to take away. (And to allow me to get meta #af.)

The Hermit is a card of learning. Of finding or being a mentor. This month's challenge is a personal tarot journey, taken alone, but parallel to many others, to find my own personal truth in the cards and to discover things previously unseen. I'm excited to start my 30-day journey as the hermit, going into the woods wild and deranged only to slough my skin and emerge reborn as a wise man (or woman as is my case).

Good luck to all my fellow journeyers/challengers!


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