Thursday, August 24, 2017

August Challenge: What I Want (Day 24)

For today's challenge I selected a card face up to represent what I want in my life. Honestly, for this one I knew what I wanted before I even grabbed my deck. We've begun the process of house shopping, and I want more than anything for us to have not only the financial security necessary to become home owners, but also the stability that a shared home represents.

I want my home to be a place of safety, representative of our family's personality, and a gathering place for friends. In order to have all of these things, we must have the financial security to make this dream a reality. With all the goal setting and planning we've been doing to try to achieve this, there's no other card I want right now.

In addition, I made a rather bold step forward and distributed business cards for my tarot reading to downtown businesses. I'm nervous. Impostor syndrome keeps kicking in and dragging me down, but if this venture is successful, it could give us the extra finances to help make all of our dreams of stability a reality. Hopefully it all comes together! I would love to maintain my creative outlet of tarot reading!


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