Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August Challenge: What to Improve (Day 22)

Today's fun little shuffle challenge was to, wouldn't you guess it, see what we should work on improving. This was one of those where the card practically slung itself at me and said, "It's me damnit. The message you need is me!"

I looked over to my boyfriend sitting on the floor near the bed, showed him the card, and exclaimed, "My cards want me to work on full body hugs, babe!" He looked really confused until I explained today's challenge. We haven't worked on a full body hug yet today, but there's still hours left before moonlight.

However, what we did get to do today was ride to and from work together and talk throughout our commute. We haven't had that luxury in months. It's a rare opportunity these days. When it was the status quo, I took it for granted and often tuned him out... just a wee bit. I mean shit, I was driving. Attention on the road, right? But today, I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though I've been stubbornly pushing through runs and sticking to a rock solid schedule, I opted to eat out with him and the kid tonight. To top it all off, this is the only social media work I'm going to do tonight. After I complete the challenge for the evening, I'm curling up in bed and turning off all the lights early so he doesn't have to fall asleep on the couch if he wants to get an ounce of rest. (I stay up way later working on things... and well, it keeps him up. But not tonight!)

Sugar plum honey bumpkins needs his full body hugs, so he's going to get full body hugs. The tarot said so.


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