Sunday, August 13, 2017

Weekly Reading 8/14/2017 - 8/18/2017

I am excited to share I have another new and wonderful deck to take for a test drive on my weekly reading post! This week's deck is the Ceccoli Tarot, and I've been beside myself looking for an opportunity to read with it. Several cards use non-standard meanings, so I feel I will need to work with this deck frequently to get a feel for how it reads.

Monday: Wheel of Fortune - There's a lot happening in the world outside of your control, and you may feel as though surrendering is your only option.

Tuesday: 10 of Cups - The world is full of dangerous obstacles, but you can evade everything that comes your way with the help of your close allies.

Wednesday: The Chariot - Take the reins and take action if you want to make a difference!

Thursday: Strength - It may not seem like it right now, but remember good does triumph over evil and love outshines hate.

Friday: 5 of Swords - Not everyone plays fair, especially those with a negative agenda. It may be difficult to win a firm victory over such an opponent, but you can always stage a strategic retreat to fight again another day.

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