Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekly Reading 8/7/2017 - 8/11/2017

I'm turning into quite the collector, and I recently acquired another interesting deck called The Tarot of the Magical Forest. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet, so why not take it for a test spin on a weekly reading!

So far I'm finding that this deck reads quite differently from my others, and I have to rely heavily on the little white book (LWB) as well as intuition. Each suite is represented by a different animal, which in turn, has a role within the magical forest that they fill. Swords are cats, pentacles are foxes, cups are rabbits, and wands are frogs. These roles are closely related to Rider-Waite suite meanings, but I'm finding their individual meanings are either highly truncated or slightly different from traditional meanings. But let's get to the reading shall we?

This week was quite heavy on wands. (I swear I shuffled thoroughly). So, you'll see a lot of frogs for this week. This will be a great week for creative pursuits!

Monday: Queen of Wands - Today you should let your imagination run free and feel the joy of living!

Tuesday: 2 of Wands - If you find yourself pulled between action and inaction, weigh the cost of each carefully before proceeding.

Wednesday: 9 of Swords - If you continue to ignore the problems which plague you during the day, they will continue to haunt you at night. Face your fears for a more restful sleep.

Thursday: Knight of Wands - Today is the day to take courageous and decisive action toward eliminating those problems that have haunted your nights. Be creative in your solutions and you will yield results.

Friday: King of Wands - After a week of exerting your creative energies, it's time to get back under control.

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