Friday, September 29, 2017

Vision Seeker: Making Decisions (Day 10)

The Vision Seeker journey is coming to a close soon with only 3 days left beyond this one. I plan to finally start making strides towards completing my paper after this challenges wraps up, because otherwise, what was the point of the lip service I've paid to focusing, planning, and making decisions?

In the spirit of making decisions, today I worked with a spread to help me identify what is weakening my ability to choose, what I truly want, and what choice is aligned with my higher purpose.

I've mentioned prior some of the health issues I've dealt with in the past and how I find myself still struggling to muster the energy I need. In fact, these last few days I've been more drained than normal in the evening. The four of swords reversed indicates that though rest and recuperation is healthy and much needed, it has been having negative impact on my life. I can't beast mode through life the way I always have in the past and how I want to now as signified by the Knight of Wands. Most likely I will have to sacrifice or pare down an activity that drains me in order to make room for this task that must be done.

I feel with The Sun appearing as my higher purpose, I should push forward on the paper, possibly even finding a place with outdoor seating to sit and work where I can be revitalized by the earth around me and bright sun in the sky. Vitamin D is important! My issue is quite the conundrum. My energy levels will only grow by pushing forward and nearly taxing myself—each time recovering to be stronger and more energetic. I just need to believe I have the willpower to push through!


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