Sunday, October 8, 2017

Vision Seeker: Integration (Day 13)

Finally! Today is the last day! I had a bit of a busy spell that put some time between my last Vision Seeker activity and this final one, but better late than never right?

Over the course of this challenge, I've had to face some dark places inside me. In some instances, I didn't like what I saw. However as the challenge moved forward, I began to inspect the pieces of my life that I need to move forward. One of those things was finally completing a research paper that is necessary to my graduation. The challenge helped me realize that I need to truly tackle it if I want to reach that sense of closure for that part of my life, and it helped me to formulate strategies to complete it.

Today's card was about the energy I need to carry forward out of this challenge and toward completion of my goals. Oddly enough the reversed 10 of pentacles which appeared in the Day 7 activity surfaced as the energy to carry forward. I feel the meaning remains the same and it indicates that I need to take time to myself, away from my family, away from my home, and work on my paper. In addition putting myself out of the house to concentrate in the cozy comfort of a coffee shop was a past time that I used to love. I never do that anymore, and it may be a good way to call back some of my past energy.

Hopefully I can maintain that focus rather than letting it slip as I have in the past. Wish me luck as I try to strip away the things that distract me and focus!


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