Sunday, November 12, 2017

Self-Care Sunday: How can I be my most authentic self?

Within Daily Tarot (my Discord tarot group), we like to participate in challenges together and we recently voted to use Boho Tarot's Self-Care Sunday as our challenge for the end of the year. Each Sunday we do one of the Self-Care Sunday spreads and share with the group our results within the server. We may choose to share with a wider audience if we so desire as well. If you are a tarot reader and are interested in joining us, click the link in the sidebar!

The purpose of today's spread was to help us uncover how we can be more true to ourselves. This is something I have been working on over the last year. I've made progress in spurts, with the occasional set back, but overall I feel I have been reclaiming myself.
Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan
I used my newly acquired Dreams of Gaia Tarot which I acquired at a local Pagan Pride Day. I'm excited to work with this deck and learn its ins and outs as it does function slightly different from traditional RWS decks. Though it does maintain the four suites, the court cards are restructured as well as some of the major arcana.

Enough about the cool deck though. Let's see how I can be more me!

1. What I resist: Ace of Fire — I'm blocked from fully expressing my creative and passionate self. In fact, I intentionally avoid becoming overly passionate about things. Unfortunately, the concept of nothing lasts forever has been deeply ingrained in my psyche, not too mention I have noted that when you love something too dearly, someone else undoubtedly decides they want it too. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but in situations where it is actually a zero sum game, and something stands to be lost, I often protect it by not showing my passion as strongly as I should.

2. What I support: Ace of Earth (reversed) — Earth is more than just finances. It is also connection to those around me and being grounded. I feel this reversal indicates that I am not seeking a proper balance between my career pursuits / financial desires and my relationships with family and others around me. I have been so focused on pushing our lives forward, I have neglected and at times been overly critical of loved ones in my life.

3. What will flow: 2 of Water (reversed) — If I do not make a change and step more toward my authentic self, I feel that some relationships will be broken or severed beyond recovery. There has been indications within the last week that my personal relationships have begun to suffer as a result of my focus on financial issues. However, it could be that this needs to happen. I have been moving slowing away from a co-dependent model (another indication of the reversed card) and toward a relationship where I hold more firmly to my ideals. This has unfortunately created some major wakes in the status quo. Whether or not it will withstand these wakes remains to be seen...


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