Monday, November 27, 2017

Self-Care Sunday: What lights me up?

After a very long weekend at the Texas Renaissance Fair, some day late self-care is in order. I went expecting the final weekend, Celtic Christmas, to be as miserably cold as it was 15 years ago when I'd go as a teen. Instead it was unseasonably warm (and though fun) devastatingly warm. Of course I go in garb, and this year's heat certainly made me consider the benefits of getting in better shape so I can shed some layers and take my costume in a new direction. We'll see how that works out.

Daily Tarot continues to do a weekly spread, selecting at random a self-care spread from Boho Tarot's Instagram. This week What lights me up? was selected and so I felt like it was time to take The Good Tarot out for some super lit self-care reading.

Heart—The Chariot, a symbol of triumph and victory over opposing forces, pulling things that seem to be going in many directions into one and moving forward. It never ceases to amaze me at the heart's ability to heal. It seems like no matter how many things try to draw and quarter my heart, I somehow keep it all together.

Mind—5 of Water, I found it odd to get a card not only of emotion, but despair for what lights up my mind, but pulling through the despair that has dogged me for the last two years has allowed my mind more focus and clarity than it ever has had before while being tempered with much more compassion.

Soul—Messenger of Air, I thrive on knowledge. Expanding my understanding of myself, others, and the universe breaths life into me and I could not thrive if I were not growing my soul each and every day. My heart and mind come together to help me learn with compassion, as well as experience passion within measure.


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