Wednesday, December 26, 2018

When Tarot Readings Don’t Make Sense

We have all had the experience of doing a tarot reading which just doesn’t seem to make sense. We form our questions, shuffle the cards, lay them out, and then when we look at the cards, they don’t seem to come together in a way that makes sense of the question asked or the situation being examined.

This shouldn’t be a signal to reshuffle immediately. While the problem could be the result of your cards needing to be cleansed, there is usually nothing wrong with the cards, and the reading needs to be looked at differently.

Unknown Knowns

Often, when Tarot cards don’t seem to make sense, it is because you don’t know what it is that you know. Tarot works with the subconscious part of your mind that pulls in immense amounts of information from the world, much more information that our conscious mind can manage. As such, while our subconscious mind knows what is going on, and pulls things out in the cards, our conscious mind can lag and be unable to make sense of the information being presented. This is a case of not knowing what it is that we know.

Often this means that you need to let the reading sit in your mind for longer and give your conscious mind time to put all the pieces together. In this case, a good idea suggested by is to record the reading in a tarot journal, and then return to it the next day after you have had a chance to process it further.

Uncertain Future

Sometimes when focusing on the future and the outcome of a situation, the reading can be unclear because the future is in flux. The future is not set in stone. While the energy of the universe is pushing everything in a certain direction when it comes to our lives, our intentions hold huge sway over what the future will look like; our decisions matter. This is how Tarot helps us take control of our lives, by showing us the trajectory that we are on and giving us the chance to change it if we want to.

If a key person in a situation is suffering from indecision, and changing their mind regularly, it can be difficult to see the future of that situation, as the intention is not yet set. This is often a sign that the client needs to take time to consider what it is that they want from the situation, solidifying their intention. You can then revisit the situation after a period, and the future will hopefully be clearer.


Often the problem is not that the reading doesn’t make sense, but rather that we don’t like what we see. We are masters of lying to ourselves in the face of things that we don’t like. This clouds our judgement, and that of our clients, who won’t exactly lie to us, but will block out and therefore not share information that will make the reading clear.

A reading like this too benefits from being slept on. Information which can be incredibly difficult to accept in the moment can start to make sense when the conscious mind is given time to process it. Record the reading in a tarot journal and return to it in a few days, hopefully with a more open mind.

Cleanse Your Cards

If you repeatedly find that your readings are clouded or don’t seem to make sense, it could be that your cards have picked up energy that is interfering with your readings. Tarot is all about energy. You use the cards to channel your energy, that of your client, and the energy of the situation that you are delving into. The tarot cards work because they can pick up on this energy, but sometimes energy from particularly strong readings can stick to the cards, interfering with future readings.
When this happens, as well as having readings that seem clouded, you will probably find that you struggle to know when to stop shuffling.

There are some simple ways to cleanse the energy of your cards. You can do a simple reset shuffle where you put the cards back in their original order, and then spend a few moments with each card, remembering what it signifies for you. After this you can shuffle the cards again, re-imbuing your energy into the cards as you move them through your hands. Another alternative is a sun or moon bath, which simply involves placing your cards somewhere that they will be bathed in the light of the sun or moon for a couple of hours. You can also store your cards with a crystal that draws energy, such as a Spirit Quartz.

Your cards aren’t the only thing that can pick up excessive energy from a tarot reading, both you and your space can pick up on it as well. Cleanse your space by smudging it with Sage incense. Pass the incense stick around the area filling it with smoke, while visualizing the energy in the space dispersing. You can similarly place crystals that cleanse energy within the space.

For yourself, you can smudge yourself with incense, or conduct a simple meditation practice to renew your energy. If you feel like a particularly strong or negative energy has attached itself to you, it is also possible to conduct a cord cutting ritual. Select a crystal that dispels negative energy, such as Black Tourmaline. Hold it in your dominant hand and make cutting motions in front of your body while visualizing cords of negative energy that have attached themselves to you being severed.

Making Sense of Nonsense

While with these types of tarot readings it can sometimes feel that we are trying to make sense of nonsense, this is not the case, and the fact that the reading is clouded is itself useful information. It can tell us that while we think we have made up our mind about something, we need to admit that we haven’t. It can also tell us that one of the things holding us back is our fixed mindset and refusal to accept certain truths. This knowledge itself can help us unravel the problem.

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