Sunday, August 4, 2019

Working with Crystals: Rose Quartz

Many tarot readers enjoy incorporating crystals with their readings, creating lovely grids or just keeping one or two on hand during a reading. Others store their decks with crystals to cleanse or charge decks with the energy of the stone.

I am personally not an extravagant user of crystals, but I love them, and I love having them around. I love wearing them. I feel like I have a crystal necklace for almost every occasion, and that is simply not enough! When doing a reading that I feel connects to a specific type of crystal, I have it nearby. I also a few particular ones nearby for all readings (selenite, labradorite, quartz, and aqua aura quartz). For romance readings, or ones I feel require an extra boost of love, I include some rose quartz. My first and favorite deck is stored lovingly with a crystal quartz and a rose quartz.

Rose quartz is one that over the years has developed a special place in my heart. It was my first crystal purchase, and my first foray into finding healing through crystals.

Rose Quartz Meaning & Properties

Rose quartz is most closely associated with love, romance, and the heart chakra. It can open the heart to giving and receiving love, improve bonds, and heal emotional wounds. Though most people primarily tie this deeply loving stone to the purpose of attraction, it can help with self love as well. It increases sexual energy (possibly a by-product of increased self-love and creativity), and is a wonderful stone to keep near the bedroom.

For use with tarot readings, I personally like to include the stone anytime I do reading about relationships or other bonds. Rose quartz is not just for romantic relationships, but can be for familial ones such as a relationship with a mother. I also like to include it when I have the sense that some element of self-love or emotional healing may be tied to the reading at hand.

Rose Quartz in My Life

My first rose quartz was a pendant necklace with a snake wrapped around the top. I didn't know much about crystals at the time, but I knew my heart needed healing. After dealing with serious health issues, a devastating breakup, deep depression, and struggles with loving myself and my body, everything I read about the crystal sounded like exactly what I needed.

I bought it thinking to attract partners, and I certainly did. At the time, I needed love outside of myself because I had none left inside for me. I was struggling with my sense of self as a woman, and my identity as both a spiritual human and a lover. All was well until I suddenly developed a case of clumsy fingers and dropped the crystal, breaking it in half.

I was devastated by the loss. Up to this point, I felt that the crystal had been giving me such a boost. But perhaps it was time for me and this particular rose quartz to part ways. I gave one half to a friend I felt needed the boost in their life. I found another beautiful chunk of rose quartz which I placed on my desk at work, and went on merrily. At least as long as I was near my wonderful office chunk of love crystal.

I was in a very difficult time of my life, and harder times were coming in sheep's clothing. Perhaps this instance of the crystal breaking was more of a warning than a merry parting. I began to backslide and struggle again as I allowed outer influences to impede my personal growth. However, I also began seeking solace in other places, places which would help me find my own inner love.

Often when a crystal breaks, it could be warning of impending danger, but more likely it's time for you to move on to bigger things. Perhaps your energy has begun to resonate too highly for the current stone. Perhaps it has simply done the work it needs to do in your life. Either way, much like the Tower, it's a symbol of an impending shift to a new direction or a higher vibration. I'm glad that stone broke. I'm happy with the direction I went after and even the mistakes I made because they led me in a better, stronger direction.

Working with crystals brings beautiful energy into my life, especially when working with my favorite, the rose quartz. However, it's important to remember crystals are just an aid. They lend energy, they amplify, but they are not a crutch. They come and go in your life as resources along your journey, but ultimately the healing work is yours alone.


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