Monday, September 23, 2019

Mabon Blog Hop: My Harvest

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Once again, it's time to blog hop! We hop for each of the eight holidays on the wheel of the year, and as we turn toward the harvest, we hop in celebration of Mabon, or as the druids prefer, Alban Elfed. Alban Elfed is the last harvest of the year, and a time of reaping what we've sown.

In true Celtic fashion, our topic for this hop is a reading which covers the three realms: Land, Sea, and Sky. The realm of land is that of body. The realm of sea is our minds. The realm of sky is our souls. For each realm, we were asked to draw three cards to discuss our current state, an area of focus, and the outcome if we take action on that focus. I felt called to use my Wildwood Tarot for this reading project.


My body has been through a lot over the last few years, and it's only recently I've been finding some peace with it. I have grown in acceptance, but I also have grown in reclaiming it for myself. I have begun feeling so much more in tune with my body and less at odds with it!

Current State - 5 of Bows

I've faced a lot of conflict and struggled to find motivation to take back control over my own body. There's been a lot of fighting myself, other people, life in general... but I've finally reached a point where I at least feel like I'm in charge of the direction I grow in, and I'm proud of the work I've done to get to where I am.

However, I still am not where I once was and I worry I never will be. There are a lot of fights yet to be won, and all I can do is take them on one at a time. Even now as I recover from my most recent surgery, I'm going a bit stir crazy as I want to get back into the swing of things.

Focus - The Journey

This card replaces Death in traditional decks, but I feel like the meaning holds true. Rebuilding the strength in my body is a process of constantly breaking down and rebuilding. Starting from the bottom and working my way up. Each time I work on something new, I'm starting the journey fresh. The tedium of starting over and over and over has worn on me in the past because I was focused on the end goal and not on the journey. I always felt so far away instead of living in the now and appreciating the milestone I was currently achieving.

Outcome - 3 of Stones Reversed

There's going to be a lot of delays reaching my end point and it will always be a process -- a never ending journey. In fact, the journey to manifesting the the ideals I have in mind may never be achieved. I need to be okay with that. I need to be okay with being proud of what I do achieve and ground my ideals in reality.


I've felt my mind become more open lately, but this can be a horrible thing for me as I'm prone to ADD. I get distracted easily and become hyper-focused on tasks that might not be the most important thing for me to focus on. 

Current State - Knight of Stones Reversed

My current state confirms what I already know about myself. I've lost a lot of motivation, and I chase after tasks which aren't the most important thing. Sometimes I give up way too easily. I've allowed myself to have my spirit broken in areas of my life such as career, and that loss of motivation shows up in my day-to-day.

I'm not proud of myself for letting this be the state of affairs, and I want this to change. I've had a lot of false starts in finding the part of me that gives a shit.

Focus - 8 of Vessels

I need to focus on letting go. I need to stop letting things impact me emotionally. Yes, it infuriates me when I have colleagues who spend more time marketing themselves than actually doing quality work. It infuriates me the way that it seems to go unnoticed. It infuriates me even more that sometimes it seems that this dynamic is expected. I, the woman, should be the diligent worker. The expectations on me are much higher and the standard I'm held to unattainable. It's not fair.

However, I've dealt with all these things a million times over. I need to have faith and just let go.

Outcome - 7 of Arrows Reversed

Ultimately, if I just focus on myself and controlling my emotions, I'll be able to let go of insecurities and worry much less!


There are many parts of my life that I jokingly refer to as soul crushing. Hopefully this will give me some insights on changing my perspective!

Current State - Page of Vessels Reversed

I'm very far removed from a state of being present. I'm not hearing the messages I need to hear, and I'm not attending to my life in a manner that is heart felt. I'm just not here. This is something I truly need to fix. I pour my heart into other people's needs and happiness and well being and have none left for my own. It's left me feeling a bit disassociated quite a bit.

I need to flip that vessel around and feel again. <3

Focus - The Sun of Life

I need to become aware of something beyond this earth. This is something I've worked on through tarot and through druidry; however, I haven't paid as much attention to my bardic studies as I need to. I have finally returned my attention to my tarot practice, but perhaps I need to resume my bardic studies as well. 

Outcome - 4 of Arrows

Peace and rest await me if I can let myself find stillness! Stressful things are happening around me, but I don't have to let those things touch me. This is a realization that I look forward to reaching and actually being able to practice.

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  1. Everything you said, Lore, reminded me of a very famous old saying that my teachers have tried to help me remember: "The journey IS the destination." Wherever we are going, every single step matters. I love the way Spirit has shared so many new ideas with you to assist you in walking each step with joy and heartfelt determination--because wherever we think we might be going, we are always right here, right NOW. Bless your journey!

    1. Thank you! I try to keep reminding myself of this and allow myself to ground into the here and now to enjoy the journey!! <3