Monday, August 31, 2020

Tarot of Sexual Magic: The Magician

Working with my more sensual deck, Tarot of Sexual Magic, I've found myself almost starting from scratch to make the connections between traditional meanings and sensual. To grow my practice with this deck, I've determined to start with the basics and do daily pulls to acquaint myself with each card. I've also been doing research online about erotic connections to tarot. So far, information has been quite sparse, and I have decided to share my insights here as I work with the cards in no particular order. 

The Magician

Courtship — Magic Intention

Desire is the drive behind a new story; willingness and passion guarantee success. 
The magician is a card of manifesting your desires through skill and practice. He is a master of the elements, and should he dream it, he will realize it seemingly with little effort — as if by magic.

However, the beautiful thing about the magician (my favorite card btw), is that none of it is magic. He has studied. He has put in the time, and he has made himself a master. The pentagon in the center of the table fits perfectly within a circle showing that his will and drive alone is what has manifested meaning in his life.

Eros & the Magician

Some keywords I found associated with eros & the magician are:
  • reading or writing about sex
  • written communication with a lover, phone sex
  • sexting
  • bisexuality
  • publishing a book on sexuality or pornography
The Magician's connection to the erotic is intellectual and masterful. His mercurial aspect allows him to quickly switch directions (no pun intended) and master anything he puts his mind to. The emphasis on communication shows the ties and importance of intellect to sex. Sensuality is a mental exercise as much as a physical one, and without mental stimulation the physical may become dull.

Sexual Intention & the Magician

The Magician understands the work that goes behind the magic. He understands the deep study required to create a result that appears effortless to the outside observer. It is not the nature of the magician to wait for the universe to deliver to him his lot, he takes the time and decides.

The lesson from this is to determine what you want, and do the work to manifest it. Don't distract yourself with piddly happenings here and there that keep you from your desires. For me, I have been relying too heavily on the universe to manifest the relationship I desire into my world. I've allowed myself to entertain distractions. The circle around the pentagon also functions as a boundary. The pentagon itself is the magician's area of intended manifestation. It's important to maintain focus on realizing your personal desires while drawing a line between yourself and things which may thwart your hard work.

For myself, I want to realize a relationship into my life which stimulates me physically, mentally, and emotionally. The lesson I have taken from the magician is to study, learn, and become intimately familiar with myself and my options. There is a place for conscious decision making in love and sex, and it can only improve your results!

Courtship is an act of studying your potential partner and of learning them intimately to understand the ways you can (or cannot) connect. It's an act of alignment and ensuring you are both of similar focus to achieve the same results. If a partner is not aligned with your intentions, it's necessary to make the hard but logic driven decision to focus your energies elsewhere.

Recently, I realized I have not been acting as a magician should act. And so, I put aside some time for self study of my own desires to create a list to keep in mind each time I meet a potential partner. It gives me focus on how and what to study about them to determine if we are aligned. It's easy to get distracted by physical chemistry, but there is more to courtship and strong, lasting connections!


For more information on the Magician, I recommend these sources where I gathered information for this post:


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