Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mabon 2020: The Slow Romance of Fall

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It's Tarot Blog Hop time again! It's been far too long since I've participated, but my world has been a hectic place of late. When I saw the theme for Mabon was romance and sensuality, I knew I had to simply make the time to participate as I've been attempting to move my practice more in that direction.

If you're unfamiliar with the Tarot Blog Hop, here's how it works... a group of tarot bloggers come together to post with a common theme. We release our posts at the exact same time, so that our links go live simultaneously. You can click previous blog to check out the blog before mine, or next to move forward. They should all eventually come full circle. If you would like to explore all of the blogs at your leisure, check out the master list.

This fall, the sun moves into Libra ruled by Venus. This Mabon is a time of partnership, but not the steamy lusty sort you find at Beltane as we move into the heat of summer. Fall is a time of slowness and finding warmth as things become chill on the outside. Creating heat is an act of intention. 

I work with two erotic tarot decks, the Decameron Tarot and the Tarot of Sexual Magic. The Decameron is lusty and crude with explicit images. The Tarot of Sexual Magic, however, is sensual. There are explicit images, nudity, etc., but tied to each card is a deeper and more sensual meaning. I find my readings with this deck much more intimate and honest. It doesn't untether sexuality from sensuality.

The Tarot of Sexual Magic is much more fitting for this fall theme of romance because many of the cards are about the more mature act of creating heat through magical and romantic intention. And so my offering for this hop is a quick relationship spread I like to use, and a very short story built from a three card draw.

For this hop, it was asked that we keep our submission safe for work. Because of this, I have place the image of the cards drawn for the story at the very end and positioned them to cover the more exposed bits. Please be aware!

A relationship spread

I love this simple combination of two 3-card spreads because relationships are not just about you and them, but also about what has come before, what is currently unfolding between you, and where it is going.

A short romance

Nell sighed as a gentle hint that she wasn't truly focused on her reading. The kindle screen had been dark for a long while, and she wondered when he would notice. Theo was most likely deep in a mental rabbit hole of intriguing problems to solve. He was a fixer and a tinkerer. That's where his mind stayed, but Nell missed the times when she was the interesting equation to solve. He didn't notice.

Nell could sense that Theo was becoming excited about something he had read on his phone. She waited patiently for his eureka and lengthy explanation of what he had uncovered. She watched as he looked up excitedly, putting away his phone, and launched into an enthused description of how he planned to approach their latest home project. Nell felt ungrateful. She knew his painstaking research was a product of his love for her, but sometimes she just wanted him to be, well, more barbaric in his displays of affection. This was one such afternoon. 

She sighed again. This time he noticed. He stopped midsentence and blinked slowly before inquiring, "What's wrong?"

Nell looked off to the side, searching for how to tell him without hurting his feelings that the frequency was lacking of late. She didn't want pagodas and gardens at this moment, she wanted more passionate overtures.

"Are you hungry? We can go grab some food before we get to work." He adjusted his glasses as though they would help him see more clearly what she needed. 

She shot him a dirty look and huffed before softening to a more mournful and longing look. She always loved the way he adjusted his glasses. She tilted her head slightly and bit her lip. "I don't want to work today! I just..."

She trailed off. Unable to find words soft but firm enough to tell him what she wanted, she went to stand. As she did, Theo reached for her hand and pulled her back to the couch finally solving the puzzle of what Nell needed from him.

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