Messages from Lore is more than a tarot reading. I'm a lover of all things myth, archetype, and psychology. When I read the cards, I read to share the insights and knowledge floating just beneath the surface. Each of us have access to universal wisdom and deep truths. Tarot is a tool to pull that information to the surface. My study of tarot has not only made me a better tarot reader, but a better human with a healthier mind. I now read for others with the hope that my tarot readings can help someone else find their way.

Tarot card readings draw on universal wisdom to help us find our way in life, resolve conflicts, and develop our spirits. I use the cards to help not only shed light on a situation, but provide a new perspective which may help you develop and grow. Remember, the messages the cards share are not destinies carved in stone, but rather a possibility which gives us the power to change the path we take for the better.

Book a Tarot Reading Today!

If you're ready to start a journey of personal exploration, book a tarot reading with Messages from Lore. I have tarot reading options from personality analysis to life path to even romantic advice!

I am local to Baton Rouge, LA and can do in-person readings for individuals, parties, and local events. I will be live at Brickyard South for October's Yard Art Event on October, 27, 2019 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.