Tarot has called to me from a very young age. I began reading for others with a regular deck of playing cards, but for some reason put the deck away and didn't read for years. I always felt like something was missing. Each time I saw a shop selling tarot cards, I wanted to buy a pack, but never could quite bring myself to commit. Finally one day I did, and I quickly discovered that reading the cards was far more complex than memorizing the meanings and regurgitating. I almost gave up—again.

But life has a way of making sure you do what you're supposed to do. Things got hard. By things, I mean life. I needed a place to turn, and I found myself turning to tarot. I threw myself into its study, and I threw myself into a series of exercises that not only made me a better reader, but a better human with a healthier mind. I now read for others with the hope that my readings can help someone else find their way.

Tarot card readings draw on universal wisdom to help us find our way in life, resolve conflicts, and develop our spirits. I use the cards to help not only shed light on a situation, but provide a new perspective which may help you develop and grow. Remember, the messages the cards share are not destinies carved in stone, but rather a possibility which gives us the power to change the path we take for the better. Let a card reading empower you today by scheduling a reading. If you do not see the type of reading you are looking for, please feel free to message me. I'm frequently adding new offerings, and I would be happy to accommodate your request.