Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why get a tarot reading?

Many people come into a tarot reading expecting the answers to all of their questions revealed, decisions made, and a decisive peak into tomorrow achieved. Though tarot can help you find the answers to most of your questions, and sometimes even unveils some eerily accurate future forecasts, tarot readings work best as an exercise in probability.

A wut? Yes. Probable outcomes. Tarot readings have a knack for pointing out angles you haven't considered, viewpoints that have eluded you, insights that have yet to dawn... And it is also very good at showing you the probable outcome if you stay on your current trajectory or if you make a few adjustments in how you approach a situation or even life in general. Tarot cards are like a deeply insightful stranger who is able to drop golden nuggets of wisdom in your lap with all the foresight that comes along a polite distance. It's the 4,000 foot view. They see backwards into now and all the forwards into possible tomorrows.

But those tomorrows aren't set in stone. They aren't the future. They are possible futures.

As a human, you have free will. You can change anything at any given instance in time, and with the gentle nudges of another perspective, perhaps you will make changes to improve your now in such a way that you achieve a future that is even better. Tarot is about giving you the information you need to make insightful decisions and to feel empowered in taking control of your own life.

You are ultimately the master of your own destiny!

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