Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August Challenge: Body, Mind, Spirit (Day 8)

Today's challenge is a three card spread where each position represents either body, mind, or spirit. The intention of each position is help reach an understanding of what we need. Personally, after that rough lunar spread, I need some self-care. It's clear that I'm blocking a major message that my spirit wants me to receive as I'm not quite processing yesterday's challenge. I've considered it throughout my day today, and though I've gathered some inklings, I'm still uncertain.

So on to today's! A nice, straightforward, three card spread. :)

Body: Judgement - Traditionally, this card is taking a new lease on life after the process of receiving or giving forgiveness; however, my wonderfully Welsh Llewellyn deck has some places of variance. In this particular rendition of Judgement, rather than images (and related meanings) of judgement day, this card presents the legend of The Sleepers.

There are many versions of the sleepers legend, but being quite Welsh, the story in accompanying book is one of Arthur and his knights, sleeping until the day they can be awoken to save the country when in need. And so, this card retains some of its meaning as far as a new lease on life, but it's more about calling on what has been there all along.

Since my surgeries, I have been a harsh judge of my body. I've made excuses for myself when I wasn't able to stick to a diet or exercise plan, but recently I've had enough! However, I'm not making a change to do better, I'm resurrecting a part of myself that was already there--a part of myself I assumed long dead. In order to reach my physical goals, I need to keep calling on that old beast inside of me who single-mindedly pursues her fitness goals.

Mind: 5 of Cups - Oh that spilled milk again. The 5 of cups represents a senseless loss, but also the mental sense of victimization that goes along with it. What my mind needs is for me to let go of that sense of loss that dogs my every memory. Each time I see an old picture of myself, I see what I was and what I could have been rather than what could truly be before me if I let go and put forth the effort to improving my sense of self.

There's nothing I can do to change the past. Even if I could, there's nothing I could do to prevent the illness I suffered through. The only thing I can do is stop crying over spilled milk and find a new path forward.

Spirit: 2 of Pentacles - This juggler isn't just balancing a couple of disks on some perfectly lovely day like it's nothing. The Llewellyn has satisfied yet again. This juggler balances his pentacles on a dock near a stormy sea that even great boats struggle to navigate. However, he does it all with grace and poise. Not some silly clown dance. He's serious about keeping his balance.

And then there's the random fox tail, barely noticeable, behind his boot. Foxes embody cleverness, precisely what is needed to keep afloat in a tricky situation. What my soul needs, and has needed for a long time, is to feel alive in the moment. It needs to put to task navigating a tricky situation which will require all my wits about me. I need a challenge, and I think I know where I can find one or two!


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