Thursday, August 3, 2017

August Challenge: Energy to Focus On (Day 3)

Today's challenge was to draw a card from only the aces, and this card would represent the energy pertinent to focus on for the month. Aces are each suite in their purest form. They represent beginnings and foundations, essentially all the power and potential of the suite, but it is up to you to manifest its power.

For my draw today, I was so unsurprisingly presented with the Ace of Wands. I'm a fire sign. Fire
figures heavily in all that I do. The suite of wands represents creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm. If you've ever heard the phrase, "Light a fire under their..." in terms of motivating someone, that's the suite of wands. It's the fire under your arse. It's a driving force. It's desire.

And much like any driving force, it needs a driver. Without one, it can often go awry. I often think of wands as the flaky suite--full of great ideas and potential... not always with any where-with-all to accomplish it. In fact, I feel that wands are unique in the fact the suite can't stand on its own. Wands needs Swords and vice-versa. The other suites feel a bit silo-ed to me. Cups are emotion. Pentacles are physical matters. They have their arenas and stay firmly within it.

Swords are intellect. It is the where-with-all, the driver. It pulls things in line and applies logic, but without the passion of Wands, Swords would never go anywhere either. Wands are so dependent on Swords, in fact, that even its assigned element requires the Sword's element to live. Air feeds fire. Without air, fire will die.

However, air is kind of boring without the spark of fire. Sure, can't live without air... all that jazz, but personally, you haven't really lived until you've played with fire. I feel today's challenge calls for me to respark fire into my life and truly live. Thanks, Tarot Nerds for helping to rekindle my inner pyro!


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