Sunday, August 6, 2017

August Challenge: A Gift to Give Yourself (Day 6)

Today's single card pull was unnecessarily complicated, as I excused myself from my family to concentrate on shuffling the cards, focusing my energy, etc. I was almost immediately joined by my SO who curled up next to me and fell asleep. My youngest cat wasn't far behind him, as she jumped in bed and curled up at my feet to sleep. I pulled a card, and I immediately realized his energy was getting in the way of mine as what I pulled was the 7 of Cups...

Annoyed, I shuffled again and pulled the Queen of Pentacles. Once again, a card that immediately felt more like his than mine. So third time's the charm right? (I feel like I did today's challenge all wrong, btw.)

My third pull produced The Priestess, which also prompted me to make a definitive decision on how I would spend the day. (Maybe the 7 of cups was my card after all...) The Priestess is about intuition, meditation, and tuning into a personal rhythm. I had been sitting on the fence about attending a local bend and brew (yoga and beer) at a brewery, but I determined I needed to take time away from my crowded home for myself--especially since yoga is a form of physical meditation!

I was a tad late for the event since I found myself a bit too lost in thought for bath time (one of my favorite meditative spots...), but was glad I attended. Throughout the practice, I kept finding myself pulled towards contemplating blog topics for an old, and mostly dead, blog. On my Llewellyn deck, each of the major arcana cards are related to a figure from Welsh mythology. My Priestess card is none other than Ceridwen--the muse and mother of Taliesin the Bard. I've felt myself pulled recently to resume posting there, and once again ideas for another post filled my head throughout my yoga practice.

I can't remember all the reasons I stopped blogging, but fear of judgment was among them. I got a lot of flack for ideas which, at the time, were a bit unorthodox. Of course since then feminist blogging has exploded and all of the concepts I was raked over the coals for are fairly mainstream ideas now. Perhaps this is a call to give it another chance? At the very least, start drafting my ideas until I am ready to publish them.

The Priestess has certainly prompted me to consider more creative outlets for myself, and I will be weighing those ideas carefully!


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