Monday, August 7, 2017

August Challenge: Lunar Eclipse Spread (Day 7)

I feel it appropriate to open today's post with a confession: I had to ask for help on this spread. My deck totally stumped me, but hey, it happens to the best of us. It's especially difficult to read for yourself considering that your own biases can get in the way of the answer.

Even with help, I'm not quite sure what my deck was trying to get at. My initial response was it was telling me that I was going to die alone and unloved. Perhaps if any of you are readers as well, you can share some personal insight that I may have missed!

Top Row: What aspects of my shadow is being revealed? 8 of Wands, Death; My initial reaction is to interpret this as swift movement toward drastic change.

Middle Row: How can I integrate this? Page of Pentacles, Page of Cups; Of course polar opposites! Physical and emotional! Pages are learners, but also bearers of news and initiators of new endeavors.

Bottom Row: What am I in the process of becoming? The Tower, 10 of Swords; Drastic immediate change that leads to my abandonment and sacrifice?

I told y'all. This spread just told me I'm going to quickly move towards my death probably trying to do some new thing. It'll be swift and no one will even notice... Well, ain't that lovely?

The assistance I sourced from a group I'm a member of suggested the shadow aspect being revealed is that I can be a bit passionate and reckless, moving swiftly towards things without care for the drastic change I'm initiating. Tack on that deep down I fear too much change, and we've got a bad combination there!

The pages indicate that I could integrate this imbalance, or seemingly at odds traits, by using them to ground myself. (Slow my roll so to speak.) The message the pages have for me is that if I allow myself to patiently listen and learn, I may be able to achieve my ends without causing destruction in my wake.

As for what I'm to become, the Tower has the potential to be good as an agent of change, but the 10 of Swords? I like to sum that card up in the catchy little phrase of "I can't even." The 10 of Swords is a definitive end. It's being abandoned and left as a sacrifice. Perhaps the deck suggests I'm going to be martyred to bring about some sort of drastic change?

I'm still perplexed by this one. Suggestions or thoughts to consider are highly welcome. I mean, almost any interpretation is better than what I came up with!


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