Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Challenge: Month Review (Day 31)

It's been a long month! There were a lot of days where I wasn't sure if I had the energy to write another blog on top of everything else, but I've been chugging ahead! I did it! I made it through the whole month.

  1. August Theme: The Hermit
    I started this journey believing it would be a mostly solo journey. However, I came out of it realizing that it wasn't as solo as I thought it would be. In addition, I feel like I moved my understanding of the cards up yet another notch. I've been wanting to engage more with Welsh mythology, and choosing to use my Llewellyn deck was a wise choice to move toward that goal.
  2. What was good? 7 of Wands
    Historically I haven't been the best at keeping up a blog, especially if it called for a daily post. It was a fairly tough challenge, but by taking it a day at a time I managed to do it!
  3. What was difficult? 2 of Wands
    Maintaining focus throughout the entire challenge was hard. Finding creative ways to engage the cards was a struggle some days when I was tired.
  4. What to leave behind? 3 of Cups
    All things, even good things, eventually come to an end. It was awesome to be part of a community all moving toward the same goal. I'm leaving this challenge behind, but there will be more ahead. In fact, I'm planning to facilitate one in my Discord group!
  5. What to take into September? 6 of Cups
    Completing the challenge left me with a great sense of pride and accomplishment, which is a feeling I should carry into September as I start on new endeavors. I'm more excited than ever now to start on the Vision Seekers 13-day exercise.


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