Friday, August 25, 2017

August Challenge: My Superpower (Day 25)

Today's challenge is as straight forward as it sounds: Pull a card to represent your superpower. Fighting off the onset of some terrible allergies, my cloudy mind looked at the card and said, "Wut?" before collapsing back into sleep. I've spent most of today contemplating and researching how the Lovers can be my superpower, and I think I found the answer by looking past the obvious.

Everyone gets excited when they see the lovers. They're about to find true love, right?! And the connection to the tale of Macsen Wledig makes it seem even more the case that my power is in connections and true love.

Though I'd love to believe I'm an excellent lover and love connector, I know quite well that's not the case. I've made horrible decisions in the realm of love... repeatedly. There is a type of love, however, more powerful than the love between two people. It's the love of yourself.

Think of this card as combining the sensuality of the Empress with the authority of the Emperor. The passion between them being the passion for yourself and connection of your physical, mental, and spiritual self. So why would a love story represent this card? Because Macsen Wledig had a dream that engulfed him body and soul and he wanted to see it come to reality more than anything. Until he could make that dream reality, he was not whole.

The Lovers is also a card of hard decisions, the results of which will take you down either an exceedingly negative or positive life path. Of course it would, because if the card is about following your heart and doing that which makes you whole, what do you expect to happen if you allow yourself to remain incomplete? The Lovers is a sacred marriage of your inner self to your higher and lower selves. It's only with that inner balance of self that you can confidently take action to realize your dreams into the physical world.

So my superpower is self-love! It's balance of my inner masculine and feminine qualities leading to positive action in the world around me!


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