Saturday, August 19, 2017

August Challenge: Release This (Day 19)

What do you know! Another returning guest. For today's challenge, I did a single card pull to represent what I need to release. Clearly, it's that beast mode energy.

I can see where I am potentially taking on too many goals. The local event of the year is around the corner. I still haven't worked on the last requirement to graduate from grad school. I keep taking on responsibilities (and challenges) without finishing the ones that were already in queue for completion. In fact, being busy is the best form of procrastination I know.

I have business cards arriving in the mail, and I plan to see about doing readings for tips at a couple of local venues. Maybe this really is going to be too much. I keep having moments of doubt that I'm ready for that step--time wise at least. However, I think it would be invaluable experience.

I guess the joke's on you, 10 of Wands. I've got a lot on my plate and I'm going to keep adding things to my plate until I drop all my sticks or just set fire to them all in a fury of frustration.


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