Sunday, August 27, 2017

August Challenge: What's awesome in my life? (Day 26)

Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the things that are awesome in your life. I was honestly having some moments of self-doubt when I sat down for today's challenge. Wouldn't you know it, but the Universe made another appearance. I've had a couple of cards show up repeatedly throughout this challenge, but being of such major import, I felt there might be a deeper message I need to uncover from the Universe.

In addition to the challenge, I decided it was nigh time to do what is often referred to as a "stalker card" spread. It's exactly as it sounds. When you have a card that repeatedly shows up in readings, often it's because it has an important message. To get deeper insight into the message, you pull two additional cards, one to clarify what the "stalker card is trying to tell you, and another to determine what you can do to show you've received the message.

Apparently the Universe has quite the message for me, turning up two more majors. The Magician is one of my favorite cards, particularly in this deck. The great magician Gwydion appears and the companion book tells the story of his reformation into a better man. As a talented magician, Gwydion did not always use his powers for good. In fact, he and his brother ultimately faced punishment together for a joint endeavor of the tricky sort.

Once Gwydion reformed, it was actually with the help of the man he'd wronged that he helped his nephew Llew Llaw Gyffes overcome his mother's three trials. Llew, much like his uncle, was a man of many talents and later came to be associated with the sun god, Lugh. Despite his trials, he also rose to greatness as a leader. At least until his wife determined he should die so she could run off with a chieftan. Despite this great wrong, and near death, Llew healed and rose to exact his revenge with the help of his uncle. After, he resumed rightful rule of his land and heralded an era of prosperity.

So what is so awesome in my life that the Universe returns yet again? I've written previously on Cadair Idris as the mountain ascended by bards. Gwydion is a magician of great talent who after trials evolved into a man of heart, much as his nephew Llew later did. The universe is the ascension, the magician the talent and trials, and the sun is the realization of glory. I believe the cards are saying that I've completed the trials and now I'm realizing the end results. It's time to allow a new positive phase to begin in my life!


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