Monday, September 25, 2017

Vision Seeker: Focus (Day 7)

Setting goals we want to see ourselves meet without also setting focus and intention to achieve them is useless. Today's work was to select one of the three goals we envisioned yesterday, and with the help of a spread set forth a plan to help achieve that goal. Of the three goals, I have been completely stagnant on completing my comps paper. I feel as though it needed direction the most.

With yesterday's guide card crowning the spread, I laid out cards to represent the energy that would nurture me, energy to focus me, higher purpose, and actions to take.

9 of Pentacles' earthy groundedness appeared for my nurturing energy. My final comps paper is on a book I love by an author I love on a topic I'm well versed in. The task is perfectly balanced in spirit and practicality, and I need to remind myself of this as I move forward. I am gaining from it as much as I am putting in.

10 of Pentacles appeared reversed for my focusing energy. Traditionally, the card is about enjoying the luxuries and comforts of family and home. Shadowscapes takes a slightly different spin, channeling more of what I would consider the traditional RWS energy of the 9 of pents. However, it is still the height of affluence and enjoying it. To focus myself, I feel I should remove myself from the temptations and comforts of home. Perhaps find a nice spot in a coffee shop to read over my materials and write.

For my higher purpose, I received yet another reversal—the Ace of Wands. I feel my purpose in achieving this goal is to focus my creative energy into manifesting a paper I would be truly proud of. The reversal nods to the fact that I continually ignore this particular aspect of my life when I need to make progress. I need to stop ignoring the opportunities to finish!

Finally, dead center for my actions to take is the reversed Magician. My intentions have not been inline with my actions. This very goal has cropped up in the last challenge I completed, but I still have not taken any actual action toward realizing it. I need to make an actionable plan to finally complete my paper. Working on it during the week is not likely, but perhaps isolating myself to work on it over the weekend when I don't do much anyway would be the place to start.


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