Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weekly Reading 9/11/2017 - 9/15/2017

There's no point in hiding it. I'm a crazy cat lady. I love cats, and so it's not surprise that as soon as I learned of the Spirit Cats Oracle, it was on my wish list. (Among about a zillion other cat decks, but I've got to pace myself...) It took some supreme patience to wait for this one to arrive, but when it did, it came with the deck, a velvet bag, and a couple other goodies. Among the swag was a card signed by the artist!

Each card has a positive message printed on the back, so I foresee myself using this deck in a role similar to how I use the Good Tarot--a positive message after a rough reading. I mean, the only thing that can improve a difficult message or news is kittens, right?

With no further ado, here's our daily messages for the upcoming week:
Spirit Cats Oracle by Nicole Piar

Monday: Guardian - "Meet Lavandrille. She stands sentinel, a gentle yet protective force. She can help you guard your mind against negativity, defeatism, and delusion."

Tuesday: Flow - "Meet Zephyr. She is flexible, flowing, and gentle like a light wind. She intuitively responds to the rhythms of the world around her."

Wednesday: Trust - "Meet Safi. Trust begins as an agreement she makes with the flame in her heart. She agrees to let it guide her even when it beckons her deep into the night forest of the unknown."

Thursday: Intuition - "Meet Ghostkitten. She is the light within us that helps to guide us through our life. She is always beckoning us to enter our inner world, to dig deep, and to meet her there."

Friday: Synchronicity - "Meet Lexi. She passed into our world through the divine nexus of a series of unlikely events. She arrives at the precise moment when she is needed most."

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