Monday, September 4, 2017

Weekly Reading 9/4/2017 - 9/8/2017

I don't normally use oracle cards, but I've had this fun deck for a while, and I felt it was time to give it some use. This week I'm using The Heart of Faerie Oracle for the weekly reading. I enjoyed the way the cards read with a theme around new creative endeavors. This week's message is stillness and listening to the call of your heart and the universe. To reach a feeling of satisfaction in life, it's important to make sure you're following your dreams!

Monday: Queen of Owls - Physical healing. When your full attention is on the physical pain and struggles of your body, it places a strain on all other aspects of your life. Look inward to find the strength to overcome.

Tuesday: Hidden One - Attention. Life has a way of making you more aware by tripping you up when you're not looking. Be more attentive and aware of what's around you.

Wednesday: Queen of the Night - Inspiration. When you ignore the passions and creativity that drives you, don't be surprised when it keeps you awake at night waiting to be realized.

Thursday: Lady of Song - Stillness. When the universe calls you to pursue your purpose, stop and listen carefully.

Friday: Maiden - Endless Possibility. Remember your many firsts and the way you felt each time you embarked on a new endeavor. Bring that wonder into your next endeavor!

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