Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tarot Story Challenge: Hero's Journey (Quest, Call, Refusal)

As I thought I would, I procrastinated on the next few phases of the challenge. Sure, I could probably do another big spread and either phone it in or stay up all night sorting it out, but I feel like I should move forward, one chunk at a time. So what if a November challenge goes into December or even next year? I'm a Sagittarius. These things happen.

I plan to use different decks as much as possible throughout the challenge to really mix this story up. Also, I didn't care for the lean that the Cecolli was taking the story down, so I wanted to vary the input. Today, I felt called to use a deck I've honestly never touched. It was gifted to me long before I ever started reading tarot. Though I made an attempt to learn it, I found it far too complex as a beginner. It wouldn't be for a couple more years that I would buy my Llewellyn deck and really throw myself into tarot.

I still find the Enochian Tarot a bit daunting, and I will likely never reach a point that I'm willing to read for others with it, but I see no harm in pulling it out for a spin in a challenge. I was certainly surprised that I was able to intuit a bit more than I expected.

The Enochian Tarot by Gerald & Betty Schueler and Sallie Ann Glassman

10. Quest: Alnkvod, Third Senior of Fire (reversed); Inspiration, intuition, true action

I find the fire on this card very womb-like. Perhaps our hero is looking to find some truth outside of herself that was inside all along. Rather than seeking a way out, they need to seek their way into something. The flames almost seem to block the ability to see any further than the character on the card. There may be a sense of tunnel vision to this quest.

11. Call: Saiinov, Second Senior of Water; Benevolence, help, profit, goodness, romance, safe haven

The Second Senior of Water reminds me of the 6 of Pentacles... but with water. I feel like there is an essence of giving and receiving. With the symbol of Jupiter in the bottom, it's possible that there is some Sagittarian type tendencies like blind optimism. Perhaps our hero believes that what they are doing can help others and themselves, but they're very much wrong.

12. Refusal: Raxp; Demons of Air (reversed); Sanity, pain averted, conflict resolved

I'm not sure why there has to be a refusal, but if the challenge calls for a refusal, then there must be one. Though I have not gotten to character development yet, I already feel that it's not in the nature of our hero to refuse a call. Procrastinate or delay it, probably. I think our hero will delay answering the call because she believes things will resolve on their own. Her allies may even have tried to convince of this as well.

I have a long way to go before I reach the point of actually writing this story, but hopefully you stick with me through this ride!


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