Monday, January 1, 2018

Our Tarot Welcome to 2018

This year has been one of many changes and strides forward. One of the many new things 2017 brought into my life was the start of the Daily Tarot chat server. When I started really getting passionate about tarot, I found there was no one local to me to share my joy with. I found threads on Reddit and most pagan servers I belonged to at least had a divination channel. However, none of these outlets fully satisfied the community I was looking for, and so I decided that maybe I should just start my own.

I'm excited to start 2018 with the group of people who have gathered to chat about tarot. On top of this, we started yet another exciting activity called "Holiday Ambassadors" which I have the honor of kicking off with New Year's Day. In order to help bring our diverse community even closer, we have implemented Holiday Ambassadors as a program where one volunteer from our group takes the responsibility of putting together information about a holiday or cultural celebration and sharing it with the rest of the group. Being that this is for a Tarot chat, the ambassador also ties the celebration to tarot through a spread or other related activity.

Our New Year Tarot Activity

New Years is a time of resolutions and deciding a path forward. We've spent the last few months contemplating the past year and doing shadow work, but New Year is a time of fresh starts and exciting possibilities. On that note, I have created an activity for cutting ties with 2017 and heralding in 2018.

Tarot Reading

Of course we start with a tarot reading! I created this spread to help launch us into the new year like the firecrackers we are:


After your reading, do a five to ten minute meditation. If you have soft music or others sounds you like while meditating, go for it. The goal of this meditation is to first clear your mind, then envision yourself cutting away the obstacles that would prevent you from achieving your goal. Envision what ignites you lighting the fire that sends you into orbit and imagine the possibilities ahead!

More New Year's Tarot Spreads

I hope you enjoy the firecracker spread, if you want to try some other great New Year spreads, check out these!

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Mapping the Year Ahead

Fear of the New Year

Turn of the Year Spread

Here's to making 2018 amaze-balls!


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